Chrystal and Shaun’s super charged wedding

December 23, 2016

What a crazy wedding to end the year. Chrystal and Shaun’s wedding caught the attention of many.

We started the day with Shaun and the boys at the Intercontinental Adelaide. After a few snaps we could see Shaun walking awkwardly but we didn’t mention anything until at the end of the shoot he told us how happy he was to go back up to the room and take his shoes off as his feet were absolutely killing him! We then headed over to Chrystal and the girls at the Mayfair Hotel. 


Luckily for Chrystal, the Mayfair Hotel had kindly allowed her dress and accessories etc to be stored in the vacant room next door so whilst they were running behind with getting ready, we were able to take a few snaps of her dress and other accessories. As we opened the door and saw the mannequin in a red dress and her Louboutin gold shoes, we could tell this girl had a unique and gorgeous sense of style.

Each of the bridesmaids were dressed in a different white outfit that each complemented each other and had white henna painted on their hands the night before. The flowers were roses which were sprayed in gold to complement the overall theme and match back with Chrystal’s amazing shoes. 

The reason behind Chrystal's choice in dress colour stems back to her asian heritage. She was meant to have the typical Asian tea ceremony and blessing etc but her Aunty and grandma couldn't make it from Vietnam and some family members in Melbourne weren't able to attend either. So in tribute/ respect to her dad she chose the colour as all Asian brides (Vietnamese brides) are typically dressed in red.


Now if Chrystal’s amazing red dress didn’t catch your attention then the 5 Lamborghinis and 1 hot rod (a Lincoln Zephyr which the owner had built himself) they had as their wedding cars certainly will! What an amazing sight seeing all these vehicles lined up in front of the beauty that is St Peter’s Cathedral and I highly doubt we’re going to see anything quite like it ever again! 


Following some photos with the cars and around St Peter’s Cathedral, we headed back to Town Hall where their wedding reception was being held.

The room was still being set up as we arrived, but it took our breath away. Just by the doors was a huge Monopoly board which advised guests where they were sitting, alongside the cutest gold paper mache wishing well. This golden pig was made by the bride herself and after 4 super long attempts, she finally got there and the results speak for themselves. Huge white letters saying “Mr & Mrs Kerkman” stood up on the stage. Gorgeous his and hers chairs at the front, gold charger plates and cutlery and the tables were set up in X formations – the first we had ever seen before! A 5 metre long lolly buffet and a photobooth station at the back. And then, there was the cake. Round balls all stacked up on one another created by the ever so talented guys at How Sweet It Is. Great work with the styling Emily from Ever After Event Hire.

Just before 7pm, the bridal party whisked the newly weds on to the balcony of the Town Hall and told them that they had organized a special surprise for them. Right on 7pm, the bells of the Town Hall chimed 12 times in celebration of their special occasion that left Chrystal speechless and in tears. 

Now if you think you've seen some serious bling before, take another look at Chrystal's ring.... all 3.17 carats of it! OMG.

There were some really super charged emotional moments during the ceremony and all led by Chrystal who seems to be the queen of surprises. The first one was when she unveiled some framed pics to present to her husband. Unfortunately Shaun’s Oma had passed away earlier in the year and she knew what a beautiful bond her husband had with her and wanted everyone to take a moment and remember her for all she was. The whole room was silent for 30 seconds and it was difficult for anyone to have kept a dry eye, even for us who had never met her before. 

The next surprise Chrystal had was for her nan. It all started earlier in the year where for her nan’s 70th birthday she decided to surprise her and told her she was going to take her go-karting. Her nan clearly didn’t want to do this, but Chrystal continued on with the plot. Little did her nan know, Chrystal had bought tickets to Chris Sebastian’s (Guy Sebastian’s brother) first Adelaide gig to surprise her nan with but the surprises didn’t end there for nan. She was led out blind folded to the front of the reception, and as part of her birthday gift, Chrystal had arranged for none other than Chris Sebastian himself to sing at her reception. Nan was so happily serenaded by his beautiful voice and was truly thankful and emotional when Chris handed a signed CD to her to remember this special moment by. Before Chris left for the night, Shaun and Chrystal danced to Chris romantically singing Diamonds. 

Seriously – I said this last week in our blog, but this is another wedding that will be forever etched in my memory and what an amazing wedding to end off our huge year with! It seems fitting that Chrystal wore a red dress during this festive time of the year.


Merry Christmas to every one of you who I’ve worked with this year and thank you for all the support! I look forward to a huge year next year with some exciting changes planned!