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Our first blog post for the year is of the wedding of Thomas and Ebony that we shot last weekend in the beautiful Adelaide surrounds of Mount Barker. 


As with most traditional Chinese weddings, a tea ceremony is often held. Both bride and groom, traditionally dressed, are expected to serve tea in a gaiwan to both sides of the families, representing an important moment in which members of both families become relatives of each other. It is a significant way to show respect to your elders for all the years of love and care. 


But what also traditionally takes place when the groom arrives to the brides house are door games. Think of it as like a mini Olympics event. Traditionally meant for bridesmaids to prevent the groom & his groomsmen from taking the bride away from her home, this part of a Chinese wedding has evolved to a session filled with fun and games, aimed to make the groom prove his love to his future wife. More on this later!


What often makes wedding schedules difficult and tight is when a couple tries to conduct both the traditional and modern weddings on the same day. Often this means that your day is so packed, you barely have the time to really enjoy the day in it’s fullest and you also often end up giving up precious location photography time. 


This couple was smart in the way they organised their gorgeous Adelaide wedding. All the traditional tea ceremony events were held the day before rather than on the same day. And the traditional door games ended up being a great and fun start to their reception as you’ll see later in this blog post. From a wedding photographer’s point of view – this was perfect!  


Thomas was slightly nervous when we arrived, but didn’t take long to warm to the camera. His super fun groomsmen were made up of a friend whom he had known since kindergarten and two others who he had formed a strong bond with through university studies. The comradery and humour between the four of these guys was evident throughout the day. 

As for Ebony, she was super chilled when we arrived. In fact, I think we possibly stressed her mother out when in the middle of her getting her hair and make up done, we said that we wanted to shoot in her parent’s bedroom instead of out in the living room where she had set up all of Ebony’s dresses etc. Her mum and dad leapt off to do a quick tidy up (despite us saying it was way cleaner than most bedrooms we’ve shot in!). What surprises most people is what our photographer’s find as the best room to shoot in isn’t always the best-looking room in the house. 


Things to think about in making this decision include: 

  • which room/area is going to give our photographer’s the best natural light?
  • which room/area has enough room to comfortably fit the bridal party and photographer in? 
  • are there a number of windows, mirrors etc in that room which would make angling and reflections of the photographer in the photo difficult to shoot?  
  • what’s the ambience of the room compared to the feel that we’re trying to portray with the style of your wedding?
  • Is there a lot of clutter in the room, which would be a distracting backdrop to your photos?
  • are you in an open area (ie. living room etc) where there are many relatives or guests arriving whom would cause a distraction, whilst meaning well?


Whilst there are many factors to consider – the best natural light always trumps. 


And in this case, her parent’s room gave just that. 

Tom and Ebony had chosen to hold both their wedding ceremony and reception at the gorgeous Ukaria Cultural Centre up at Mount Barker. B Captured has never shot there before but what a gorgeous wedding venue in a beautiful part of Adelaide. Together with Kiera Blanden’s styling and overall vision – the mystical feel of her  wedding ceremony room floored us. Tom and Ebony wanted magical and whimsy and wanted to bring the outside in and boy did these guys nail it! Take a look – that’s real grass. Grown specifically long all the way from over in Mt Gambier – shipped to Kiera in 42 degree heat. Imagine the stress of constant watering from the moment of delivery to when it had to be laid to keep this stuff alive so that she’d have an aisle. A real grass aisle. This lady is a true visionary. Along side her were Studio Botanic on the amazing beautiful florals and Blue Bell Studio on the gorgeous signage/stationery.  Sooo much work went into this set up. Wedding goals right there guys!

It was truly magical when Ebony walked down that aisle with Flightless Bird, American Mouth being sung beautifully in the background by Ben Gillard of Gospo Enterprises. Ahh…. all the feels!

Following the wedding ceremony and some family photos – we headed off for our location pics. To be honest – where we had planned to go all went out the window as the sunlight was too harsh and like any good wedding photographer out there, there is an absolute skill in winging it when someone’s wedding photos rides on your every decision. Ky’s good like that. He’s great at thinking under pressure and finds beauty out of random locations and isn’t one to continually visit the same cliché Adelaide wedding photo locations week in week out. I often overhear his response to many a wedding car driver saying he’s not sure which locations we’ll be going to after the ceremony – and he’s serious when he responds that way. This time around, when Geoff of Classic Jags asked us this question, I laughed and responded with a bit of cheek and said ‘Does Ky ever know where we’re going? Just follow our car.’ Whilst in the back of Ky’s mind he has locations in mind – on the day various factors can influence a change in decision. Whether we’re running on time or if what the weather and lighting is like at that moment in time plays a huge part. We all know how hot it’s been in Adelaide of late. But not just hot – extremely sunny. A wedding photographer’s nightmare really – sooo bright and random shadows to deal with. But also – Ky’s one of those photographers’ who envisions photos as we’re driving past enroute to somewhere else and gets the bridal car to just follow ours so that random stops are possible. 


In the morning Ebony suggested we go to Hanhdorf as the first location for some quirky photos but we knew on a Saturday it’d be packed with tourists exploring South Australia and would be difficult to get the wedding photos she was after. Given the heat, we thought that the bridal party would appreciate a quick pit stop at a café whilst we take some wedding bridal photos at the same time, but after doing a ring around to one venue in Hanhdorf we had in mind which would photograph well and being turned away, we were quickly thinking on our feet to find somewhere else close by. Time is of the essence when it comes to location pics, so if we had a choice we didn’t want to venture too far, given the wedding reception was back at the same venue as the ceremony. Just before the ceremony, we rang ahead to 50sixone at Mt Barker and fortunately were able to make a forward booking but we still took the risk knowing how busy the 50sixone stores generally are. But we were lucky – when we got there it wasn’t overly busy and the staff were great in letting us roam around freely to take some pics whilst we were waiting for their food and shakes to be made. 

Following some more location photos in and around Mt Barker we headed back to Ukaria Cultural Centre. In 2 hours – Kiera and her team had turned the ceremony room to a wedding wonderland for the reception. Hand dyed lilac napkins, individual vintage keys for each setting (based on Tom and Ebony’s love for the game Kingdom of Hearts), moss garden beds with flowers literally growing out of the ground on every table, a gorgeous candy buffet framed with the arch from the ceremony, gold cutlery, over 800 candles and look at the gorgeous colour of that table cloth. Seriously – the colour palette chosen by Tom and Ebony was gorgeous. 


The reception started with a super funny and memorable entrance by the groomsmen followed by the bridesmaids putting them through the wringer for what is known as traditional Chinese wedding games. Whilst Tom already got the girl – this was his chance, in front of all their friends and family to prove his love and dedication to his wife. Challenges included eating spoonfuls of wasabi, popping balloons without use of limbs, eating donuts off a string, passing paper to each other with just their mouths and serenading Ebony with a love song. What an awesome and fun start to the reception. 

Then the speeches followed on immediately. Tom’s father, his bestman and himself all got a little choked up during the speeches and I must admit, behind the lens, so did I. 

Later on in the reception we managed to sneak Tom and Ebony out for a quick sunset shot. Adelaide’s had some amazing sunsets of late and the colours in the sky this night were no different. We were super lucky as we almost missed it between all the formalities and the delicious food (catering by Adelaide Oval). 


How amazing does Ebony’s traditional Chinese gown look in these pics? 

Ebony and Tom – thank you for entrusting us with capturing your amazing mystical garden wedding. We wish you both a lifetime full of good health, success and happiness. 

The list of amazing suppliers from this wedding:

Photographer (B Captured by Ky Luu)

Venue (Ukaria Cultural Centre) 

Catering (Adelaide Oval) 

Car - Royal Daimler (Classic Jags) 

Stylist (Kiera Blanden) 

Flowers (Studio Botanic) 

Stationary (Bluebell studio) 

Celebrant (More Than Words Ceremonies) 

Musician (Gospo Enterprises) 

Cake (Brown Sugared Love)

Bride's nails (Burnside Nails and Spa) 

Bride's dress (Ella Rose)  - Jenny and Gerry's bridal centre

Bridesmaid dresses (Renz Rags)  - Jenny and Gerry's bridal centre

Groom suit (Armani)  - Jenny and Gerry's bridal centre

Groomsmen suits (Milano)  - Jenny and Gerry's bridal centre

DJ (Lam Bros Dj)

Custom rings (Gerard McCabe)

Photobooth (Entertainment Adelaide)

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The wedding of the NATION! https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2017/12/sneak-peek---the-wedding-of-the-nation


You know in life when you meet some people that are just naturally super organised? Clearly when we entered this gorgeous little air bnb in Norwood, we knew it was going to be a great day. This blog is all about the wedding of Anita and Corey Nation.   


The house was all tidy and the boys were all ready and waiting for us. The boys jackets were all perfectly positioned along an A frame and all their accessories were all laid out ready to b captured. 


As we normally do, we took a quick walk through the house and knew there were two spots that we wanted to shoot in to capitalise on the nice simple but modern backdrops that the house had to offer. 


We started by taking both Corey and his best man Richard into the main bedroom for some getting ready photos. In the mean time the groomsmen and Corey’s parents were all casually playing with a deck of cards in the dining room – no rushing off to have a quick shower, or ironing their clothes which is the typical scene we walk into.  As I think back to the moment, I still have the vision of Richard attentively reading the instructions on how to perfectly fold a pocket square into a jacket. 


We then joined the boys in the living room for some more photos. Wanting to take advantage of the gorgeous mural next to the window, we did a bit of furniture re-arranging and wanted to add to the relaxed atmosphere with some alcohol. Whilst one of the boys went to get everyone’s drinks ready, I couldn’t help but notice how ridiculously big the ice cubes were – so big in fact that you couldn’t actually fit them in the glass without slightly melting them haha! 

Before too long, it was time to head over to the bride’s house. Again, the girls were all calm with hair and make up all done and as we walked in, were all chilling on the lounge in their robes, ready for us. Perfect. The first thing Ky wanted to do after scanning the house was to hang Anita’s wedding dress up somewhere for that perfect shot. He spotted a gorgeous long window above the u-turn in the staircase and began taking his shoes off and climbing up on the balustrade. I looked at him with fear and immediately knocked a bit of sense into him and told him to get off. A disaster waiting to happen really as the window wasn’t even in his reach even if he had got on top of the balustrade and leant over. But no – this is Ky – and feats like that never phase him. Except I needed to ensure that he was around to capture the rest of the wedding! Visualise this – even with a ladder firmly on the landing, we wouldn’t have been able to get to the right position to hang this dress where he wanted! It doesn’t happen often, but he let me win this battle and we then settled on the other side of the wall. 


During the time we asked the girls to get into their dresses, Ky had a bit of fun with the kids. These kids apparently smile to the words ‘banana peel’?!? 


Following some photos with the girls, we headed off to the ceremony venue – St George Greek Orthodox Church in Mile End. Besides the gorgeous couple getting married, I’m never going to forget one of the little page boys break dancing mid ceremony. Too cute! 

At the end of the ceremony, the couple requested only immediate family come up to congratulate them. As wedding photographers – we love this as it means we get a bit more time for our location photos. Something for all couples to seriously consider with their families especially for the larger ethnic weddings where you could be caught up for ages with each guest wanting to come up and congratulate you. 

Now there was only one request from Anita when it came to location photos and that was she wanted some sort of photo that incorporated KFC. You see, when she was younger, her mother used KFC as a bit of a treat/reward for good behaviour and from there, her desire for KFC grew. It became her weekly obsession and a staple in her diet. But there comes a time in every girl’s life when they aim to look their best on their wedding day. For Anita, sadly, she knew this meant giving up KFC for the best part of a year, so post ceremony one of the first things she wanted to do was dig into some KFC and have Ky be a part of capturing that moment. 


So whilst the rest of us drove off to our first destination, the Benjamin on Franklin, we sent one of the bridal cars off to pick up some KFC with strict instructions to make sure they get a few empty KFC buckets as well. Ahhh… these mysterious buckets that they never seem to give you even when you order enough chicken to fit in a bucket. I know as you’re reading this, you’re totes agreeing. You know that disappointment when you’re totally expecting a bucket with the amount of chicken you order, but out comes two boxes of chicken instead? Sigh….we’ve all been there… We all had our fingers crossed for buckets today!


Benjamin on Franklin was our first stop. The perfect venue for the bridal party to have a drink, get a quick bite to eat, but also get some gorgeous shots in their various function rooms throughout. But first….KFC. The girls rocked up with a box of chicken and a stack of buckets. Bingo! They got the buckets…and lots of them….except they were all in army green. What the heck KFC? Like why do you have to do this ‘don your bucket’ cricket challenge thingymajig now?!? What a huge let down. 


Ky looked around and noticed the perfectly set Christmas table that was set up for a function later that evening. It was the perfect setting for Anita’s KFC reunion. And so Anita’s love affair with KFC continued where it left off…… and the best bit about it was she let us feast on the leftovers! Woohoo!

We then headed off to the parklands for a change of scenery. It was a decent walk for the bridal party but there were no complaints from anyone even though the girls all returned to the cars with dirty feet. Anita used the opportunity to hitch a ride from Corey back to the car. Now we see this happen quite often, but I’ve never seen a groom be able to do it for the same distance and stamina as Corey did! Feeling a little guilty about how dirty Anita’s feet were, I grabbed some baby wipes from the boot and freshened her up. All part of the service right? Hahaha! 

To maximise our shooting time to the very last minute, we had the bridal car finish up from where we were and Anita and Corey hopped into ours whilst the rest of the bridal party made their way to the reception first. We stopped by the courts for a few quick snaps before heading to the reception. 

As we walked into the reception at the Festival Function Centre, we were greeted with class and elegance. Some memorable moments of the night were when Anita’s sister sang both Hero for the father daughter dance, and Halo when the rest of the bridal party and guests joined them on the dance floor. And then there was the plate smashing. OMG – we’ve seen plate smashing before, but these guys got some good smashes and bounces in! 

And then one of the cutest finds of the night was finding these two little cherubs fast asleep in one of the corners of the reception room blissfully unaware of the party that was being had around them. 

Guys – thanks for having B Captured share in your beautiful day. Enjoy every little morsel of the Fat Duck in London – sooo super jealous! We look forward to sharing your beautiful collection with you in the near future. 



Photographer - B Captured (Ky Luu)

Church - St George Greek Orthodox Church

Reception – Festival Function Centre (Ballroom)

Videographer – I Do Cinema

Flowers – Adelaide Flower House

MC/DJ – DJ Valandi - Bounce Entertainment 

Wedding Bands/Engagement Ring – Hope Diamonds

Dress – Martina Liana (from Jenny and Gerry’s)

Makeup – Caitlan Hosking

Hair – Sam Frost Hairstylist

Cake – How Sweet it Is

Cars – Classic Jags

Stefana (crowns) – Story of Stefania

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Gabriela & Lukasz's fairytale wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2017/10/sneak-peek---gabriela-lukaszs-fairytale-wedding

The wedding of Gabriela and Lukasz would easily be up there as one of the hardest and more stressful weddings I have shot. Sure, it doesn’t help that the bride is a well respected photographer and the groom is one of Adelaide’s leading cinematographers, but the combination of the weather and tremendous time pressure is what has put this wedding in it’s own class. When I log onto my weather app a few days before a wedding and I see that there’s going to be cloud cover, I know I’ll be in my element for a shoot. As photographers, our worst nightmare isn’t shooting in rain, but to shoot on a hot sunny bright day with not a single cloud in sight. Gabriela and Lukasz’s wedding was the perfect example of this weather. The reason why this makes shooting an outdoor wedding so hard is that the harsh sunlight causes a huge dynamic range between highlights and shadows. This makes it really hard to photograph the subject and balance the lighting in both the foreground and background of the photo and the highlights end up blowing out/becoming totally white or shadows are completely black. Whilst digital camera sensors these days can capture a much wider range of brightness values, there is a limit and when photographers are faced with a scene that has a wider brightness range than the camera’s, we encounter problems. To add to this, working under the direct sun is extremely uncomfortable especially for a guy like me who hates the heat. 


Furthermore, shooting in front of her guests which also included a number of wedding photographer’s that I truly respect also added to the stress. 


But all that aside, this couple was amazing to work with. We made them climb fences, go through thorny/prickly weeds all whilst walking down hill in her high heels to get to some of the most breathtaking locations in the Adelaide Hills that I was able to find in the week before their wedding. 


Their wedding was held at the picturesque Mandalay House and Gardens up at Mount Barker. In my opinion this is one of Adelaide’s most hidden gems/exclusive wedding venues as they only accept approximately 10 weddings a year. 


This couple particularly wanted their collection to be very soft. People who know me and my style of photography/editing know that whilst I do a wide range of photos, I am not the softest photographer out there! hahaha

The bride’s dress made by the very talented Alexis George was a 2 piece dress which actually came in handy for our wedding adventure! In order for Gabriela to climb over fences, she needed to take off the bottom half of her dress. No questions asked, this girl was more than willing to whip off her skirt in the middle of the road for that perfect shot. 

When we headed back to the reception I noticed the very tasty Krispy Kreme donut wall was demolished before mains were served! 

Special thanks to Bree for helping me sneak the couple out of their reception for some awesome photos at sunset where we hiked down a hill full of wild thistles. 

Gabriela and Lukasz – thank you for entrusting me to shoot your wedding. You both kept me on my toes that’s for sure! 

The wonderful list of suppliers who helped bring this awesome wedding together:

Photographer - B Captured by Ky Luu

Videographer - Cinecraft 

Elise and Luke from Unlimited Function Art

Amy, Kerry and Shane from Event Depo

DJ - Lincoln Sharpe 

Photobooth -  Dreambooths

Venue - Mandalay house and garden

Flowers - Illume Flowers 

Cake - Sugar and Spice Cakes

Shane from Ez Events Hire

Catering - Let's Eat Catering

Celebrant - Marriages by Marina

Dress - Alexis George

Ring -  Gerard McCabe

Hair - Sam jane cocknayne

Makeup - Millie herd

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Dianne & Nathan's Victorian winter wedding! https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2017/8/sneak-peek---dianne-nathans-victorian-winter-wedding

Winter weddings are always something that we love shooting. Why would you choose to have a wedding in winter? Well, lighting on the day is often better when it’s overcast. It’s also amazing for photos when you get light drizzles of rain. But I digress - that’s another blog post in itself! 

When Dianne and Nathan contacted us to see if we were available to shoot their surprise wedding in Melbourne, we were excited. A Melbourne winter wedding.

This was no ordinary surprise wedding though. The way this couple planned their event(s) was a professional wedding photographer’s dream. Dianne and Nathan hired us to capture an intimate wedding ceremony for their close family members and for location photos after the event. The best thing about this though, was that there was no rushing off to a reception and trying to squeeze as many locations as we could between ceremony end and reception start. Their reception was to be held a week after, a surprise for their guests who thought they were turning up to a party before they eloped to Europe. They had a videographer with us on the day to capture it all as well and had planned for the video and a collection of our photos to be played at the reception as a surprise to their guests who had no idea that they were married the week before. From a wedding photography point of view, this was super smart. All that time, post ceremony to take amazing location pics – the one’s that you want to put in your album or blow up for the wall. Apart from the rush of trying to maximize the daylight that we had, it was a very chilled and fun shoot

The morning started with an uber ride out of the city to Doreen, the groom’s getting ready location. We noticed on our way, there was an abundance of greenery and parklands around and suggested we take some pics at a nearby park of some sort. Nathan’s sister suggested the perfect location for these photos. We drove up to a horse paddock and immediately Ky knew we had to stop when we past this rustic gate. The backdrop was gorgeous. Following some family snaps, we asked Nathan and his best man Eddy to jump the fence and take a walk into the paddock. Little did we know, it was like a minefield of horse manure that we were dodging at every step, but these guys didn’t care and we captured some amazing photos of the boys. I don’t know about the boys, but I know as Ky’s assistant, I was so focused on everyone else not stepping in anything that, I myself stepped back into a fresh pile of horse dung! So gross!

We then headed back into the city at the Crowne Promenade for Dianne’s dress reveal. The video and pics of this moment being replayed at the reception would be the first hint to the guests that they were married so it was an important moment! Dianne’s dress by Grace Loves Lace was breathtaking and suited her perfectly. It became a bit of a joke through the day as her only request was that we capture a picture of her ‘wings’ and flap them through the day to get that perfect shot we did! Hahah Sorry – Dianne – I know you felt super unnatural flapping those wings through the streets of Melbourne, but the flapping paid off! 

In front of their immediate family, both Dianne and Nathan were married in a gorgeous church with an amazing stained glass window as the backdrop.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was left flexible for Ky to decide where he wanted photos. The flexibility in not having to rush from location to location in order to make sure we captured multiple location photos but not be late for a wedding reception made this shoot a dream. 

We stopped at a number of locations including Parliament house, the exhibition centre & surrounding parklands and a church before we headed back into the heart of the city for some lane way photos down Hardware and Hosier lanes. 

Whilst we were shooting at Parliament house, Ky being Ky, climbed up on this rather tall platform to get his shot. Not long after, there was someone shouting “hey you, get down.” It was the police. Ky quickly jumped down and apologized and the police were quick to reply – ‘look after yourself, there’s a lot of paperwork we have to do if you kill yourself you know!’ hahaha! Those who have been on shoots with Ky, know that this guy has no boundaries when it comes to getting the shot he envisions. In fact, I’m sure in his previous life, he used to be a monkey of some sort to be able to scale the things I’ve seen him get to the top of!

The exhibition centre was amazing too. Both Dianne and Nathan had been to the exhibition centre numerous times for their business but they never quite saw the surrounding gardens the same way Ky viewed it through the lens. With a dream to take photos in a field of yellow sunflowers, we came pretty close to getting a similar look in the heart of the city! By this time, Dianne’s poor feet had taken quite a hit. Naturally, Nathan just scooped her up and carried her to each spot. These guys are seriously too cute for words.

In between photo locations, Dianne had her amazing hairdresser, Jonathon Massey from Toni & Guy in South Yarra meet up with us to restyle her hair into a loose updo. We walked down Collins St which was our next destination for photos to find somewhere out of the wind/cold for her hair to be restyled and naturally ended up finding ourselves on the red carpet steps at the Regent theatre. As you do! This guy is seriously amazing. He literally restyled Dianne’s hair in a matter of minutes – we were gobsmacked! The style perfectly suited her wedding dress.

We worked these guys hard during their location shoot, but the whole time, we had so much fun as they were so chilled, relaxed and fun to be around. Dianne and Nathan - Thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your special occasion. It certainly was a day to remember, filled with events that we’re never going to forget. Thank you for allowing us the freedom to shoot where we wanted, how we wanted and pushing through the cold and sore feet! You both were a wedding photographer’s dream! 

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James & Elizabeth's SHOW-STOPPING wedding! https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2017/3/sneak-peek---james-elizabeths

Elizabeth and James’ wedding will be one to remember for more reasons than one and despite all the hiccups during the day, one would never know there were any problems at all as the photos tell a different story.  

I arrived for the boys getting ready to be advised that one of the groomsmen didn’t have their shoes with them. I didn’t want to delay the photos so we continued our shoot with him just in his socks! Hahaha 

Following some photos, I headed over to the Elizabeth and her bridesmaids. Elizabeth wore a gorgeous Rapsimo dress and Ted Baker shoes. These shoes were stunning. Rose gold on the inside and the colour of her actual shoe perfectly matched James’ suit. There were so many friends and family members at the Bride’s house, so we decided to lock ourselves away and hide in a room to take majority of our getting ready photos so that the girls were in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

The amazing St Peter’s Cathedral is where this couple’s wedding was held. Following the ceremony, the bridal party and guests all made their way outside for some group and family photos. It was sooo windy during that time that Elizabeth’s veil flew off! Following these photos, we had intended to head back into the church for some photos but to all our surprise, the church was closed but were kind enough to open up again for us. St Peter’s cathedral amazes us every time we shoot there and is a true South Australian icon.

As we see in a lot of the weddings we shoot, we were running very behind on time and unfortunately for this couple, when we look back at the day, anything that could’ve gone wrong, unfortunately did go wrong which caused massive delays throughout the day. As I’ve always tried to teach my assistants – sometimes I feel like taking the photos is the easiest part. The hardest thing about wedding day shoots is how you deal with time pressures but still produce stunning photos which is the hardest.  Whilst we had a number of locations post ceremony in mind, to make up time and ensure that this couple still had the opportunity to take some amazing pics, we ended up changing all of our plans for the location shoots. I am excited by the adrenaline moments like these give me, but to say it’s not stressful, I’d by lying! Our style and choice of locations is unique to each wedding we’re shooting dependent on the style of wedding and the vibe we get from the bridal party. No wedding is ever the same for this reason. Managing situations like this are part and parcel of us doing our job. 

Elizabeth and James’ had chosen the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for their reception. What an amazing and very different choice! This was the first time we had ever shot there. The centre was lit up in it’s vibrant colours, guests walked down a red carpet to the entrance of the centre and it felt like we were arriving to the Oscars with security guards standing on both sides of the entrance. This couple was also up in lights and the big banner across the front had their photos and announced their wedding, just like it does when you arrive to see a show or concert. Tres cool in my book!

Then when we entered the reception room our jaw dropped. Gorgeous flowers adorned the area, put together by Angelik Blossoms and a great job done by Venue Productions who had at least 1km of fairy lights were suspended from the ceiling. The centrepiece was the amazing cake made by Cristerella Cake. Seriously – the set up was swoon worthy! 

Before the end of the night, we made sure to sneak the bridal party away for some night shots under the lights.

Elizabeth and James – I truly thank you both for entrusting me to capture your big day. I hope you love this sneak peek as much as I do! 

LIST OF SUPPLIERS: (please let us know if we have missed anyone from the supplier list)

Photographer - B Captured (KY LUU)

Reception - Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Church - St Peter's Cathedral

Flowers - Angelik Blossoms 

Lighting - Venue Productions  

Tablecloths - Chaircovers Overall 

Videographer - The Film Room  

MC/DJ - DJ Marco - M & M DJ Entertainment 

Wedding Bands - DDS Diamond Design Studios /

Dress - Rapsimo

Makeup - Sphere Cosmetics

Brides Hair - Chloe Virgara Hair and Beauty

Brideamaid Hair - Sam Frost Hairstylist

Cake - Cristarella Cakes

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Jade & Dale's breathtaking Longview winery wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2017/2/sneak-peek---jade-dales-breathtaking-winery-wedding For our first blog of 2017, this is the wedding story of Dale and Jade. A fairytale wedding is all Jade dreamt of, and a fairy tale wedding is what she got. 

We arrived in the beautiful surrounds of Longview Vineyard where this couple’s wedding day was about to unfold. From getting ready, to ceremony and reception, this venue provided the perfect setting. Located just outside of Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills, Longview has on site accommodation for a large number of guests and offers picture perfect wedding views with their never ending vineyards. 

When we arrived to the boys getting ready, we were told one of the groomsmen (Jade’s brother) wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t able to join us. From the moment we walked in, Ky knew we were in for a fun day. A fairly instant rapport was established with the groomsmen and Ky’s love for taking photos of the boys with their beers meant he made an instant connection with them! Each of the groomsmen received a gift from Dale as they were getting ready – a belt and a bright and vibrant pair of Happy Socks each. Half way through the ‘getting ready’ shoot, a replacement groomsmen was selected and miraculously, he fit in the suit perfectly and no one would have ever known any different. 

Before heading off to the girls, a few photos were taken outside. The most memorable was when Ky asked the boys to be more friendly towards each other by putting their arms around each other. They decided upon themselves to hold hands instead. What a fun bunch of groomsmen - very good at following instructions! Hahahaha!

We then headed off over to the girls. Jade’s choice in wedding dress and bridesmaid’s dresses was impeccable. The bride was keen for us to get a pic with the wedding dress (which was designed by the very talented - Alexis George) hung up outside with both her and the rest of the bridesmaids. Unfortunately during this time the weather was taking a bit of a turn and the rain drizzled on and off, so we quickly grabbed the dress off the branch and hurriedly ran the dress back in. Despite being so close to where the ceremony was being held, the girls jumped into the wedding cars and had planned to go for a little drive so that Dale and the boys didn’t see them prior to the ceremony. It was such a beautiful sight seeing the smiles and pure emotion on both Jade’s mum and nanna’s face as her dad was walking her to the car. 

The outdoor ceremony was all set up on lush green grass with white wedding arches set against a gorgeous backdrop of ancient gum trees and sprawling vineyards but unfortunately as the weather wasn’t playing nice, the ceremony was moved to underneath the balcony. This proved a little challenging given the number of guests and limited space for both us and the videographer to work with but was definitely a good call as it started to drizzle just before Jade walked down the aisle. 

Following a few family photos, we whisked the bridal party off for some photos. It was obvious the girls were in a world of pain in their heels but Jade was adamant that she wanted some photos with the full bridal party on top of a hill which was on the other side of the property. What troopers these girls were. They sucked it up and made the trek to this hill. After the bridal party photos, we continued walking up the hill with the couple for some more shots. The photos that follow speak for themselves. 


Ky had an obsession with the boys' Happy Socks and asked them all to tuck the bottom hem into their socks for a photo and surprisingly they all obliged without question!

The reception was set up in the barn which had such a gorgeous rustic heritage charm and sophistication. Studio Botanic did an awesome job with the floral arrangements – from suspended garlands and seating chart, to white floral halos suspended from the roof. The bridal table was set with elegant rose gold chairs which perfectly matched the rose gold candleholders scattered around the tables. 

Just after mains were served the videographers whisked the Jade and Dale off for some footage against the sunset, so we used this opportunity to capture some photos as well. 

Jade and Dale – Hope you like this little sneak peek - thank you both so much for trusting us to capture your gorgeous wedding x


Photographer - B Captured (KY LUU)

Venue- Longview Vineyard

Event Manager- Jessica Whitaker

Flowers- Studio Botanic 

Stationery/seating chart- Bluebelle Studio 

Dj/MC- Justin from Supremesound  

Modern Party- Rose gold chairs, photobooth, White carpet 

Videography- I do cinema 

Celebrant- Rebecca from Ceremonies by Rebecca 

Makeup- Samantha Ruby Artistry

Hair- Crystal Terreu

Suites- Joseph Uzumcu

Bridesmaids Dresses- White runway

Wedding Dress- Alexis George   

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Chrystal and Shaun’s super charged wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/12/sneak-peek---chrystal-and-shaun-s-super-charged-wedding What a crazy wedding to end the year. Chrystal and Shaun’s wedding caught the attention of many.

We started the day with Shaun and the boys at the Intercontinental Adelaide. After a few snaps we could see Shaun walking awkwardly but we didn’t mention anything until at the end of the shoot he told us how happy he was to go back up to the room and take his shoes off as his feet were absolutely killing him! We then headed over to Chrystal and the girls at the Mayfair Hotel. 


Luckily for Chrystal, the Mayfair Hotel had kindly allowed her dress and accessories etc to be stored in the vacant room next door so whilst they were running behind with getting ready, we were able to take a few snaps of her dress and other accessories. As we opened the door and saw the mannequin in a red dress and her Louboutin gold shoes, we could tell this girl had a unique and gorgeous sense of style.

Each of the bridesmaids were dressed in a different white outfit that each complemented each other and had white henna painted on their hands the night before. The flowers were roses which were sprayed in gold to complement the overall theme and match back with Chrystal’s amazing shoes. 

The reason behind Chrystal's choice in dress colour stems back to her asian heritage. She was meant to have the typical Asian tea ceremony and blessing etc but her Aunty and grandma couldn't make it from Vietnam and some family members in Melbourne weren't able to attend either. So in tribute/ respect to her dad she chose the colour as all Asian brides (Vietnamese brides) are typically dressed in red.


Now if Chrystal’s amazing red dress didn’t catch your attention then the 5 Lamborghinis and 1 hot rod (a Lincoln Zephyr which the owner had built himself) they had as their wedding cars certainly will! What an amazing sight seeing all these vehicles lined up in front of the beauty that is St Peter’s Cathedral and I highly doubt we’re going to see anything quite like it ever again! 


Following some photos with the cars and around St Peter’s Cathedral, we headed back to Town Hall where their wedding reception was being held.

The room was still being set up as we arrived, but it took our breath away. Just by the doors was a huge Monopoly board which advised guests where they were sitting, alongside the cutest gold paper mache wishing well. This golden pig was made by the bride herself and after 4 super long attempts, she finally got there and the results speak for themselves. Huge white letters saying “Mr & Mrs Kerkman” stood up on the stage. Gorgeous his and hers chairs at the front, gold charger plates and cutlery and the tables were set up in X formations – the first we had ever seen before! A 5 metre long lolly buffet and a photobooth station at the back. And then, there was the cake. Round balls all stacked up on one another created by the ever so talented guys at How Sweet It Is. Great work with the styling Emily from Ever After Event Hire.

Just before 7pm, the bridal party whisked the newly weds on to the balcony of the Town Hall and told them that they had organized a special surprise for them. Right on 7pm, the bells of the Town Hall chimed 12 times in celebration of their special occasion that left Chrystal speechless and in tears. 

Now if you think you've seen some serious bling before, take another look at Chrystal's ring.... all 3.17 carats of it! OMG.

There were some really super charged emotional moments during the ceremony and all led by Chrystal who seems to be the queen of surprises. The first one was when she unveiled some framed pics to present to her husband. Unfortunately Shaun’s Oma had passed away earlier in the year and she knew what a beautiful bond her husband had with her and wanted everyone to take a moment and remember her for all she was. The whole room was silent for 30 seconds and it was difficult for anyone to have kept a dry eye, even for us who had never met her before. 

The next surprise Chrystal had was for her nan. It all started earlier in the year where for her nan’s 70th birthday she decided to surprise her and told her she was going to take her go-karting. Her nan clearly didn’t want to do this, but Chrystal continued on with the plot. Little did her nan know, Chrystal had bought tickets to Chris Sebastian’s (Guy Sebastian’s brother) first Adelaide gig to surprise her nan with but the surprises didn’t end there for nan. She was led out blind folded to the front of the reception, and as part of her birthday gift, Chrystal had arranged for none other than Chris Sebastian himself to sing at her reception. Nan was so happily serenaded by his beautiful voice and was truly thankful and emotional when Chris handed a signed CD to her to remember this special moment by. Before Chris left for the night, Shaun and Chrystal danced to Chris romantically singing Diamonds. 

Seriously – I said this last week in our blog, but this is another wedding that will be forever etched in my memory and what an amazing wedding to end off our huge year with! It seems fitting that Chrystal wore a red dress during this festive time of the year.


Merry Christmas to every one of you who I’ve worked with this year and thank you for all the support! I look forward to a huge year next year with some exciting changes planned! 

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Christine & Shannon's extravagant wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/12/christineandshannon The styling of this next sneak peek and the wedding images that are about to follow is about to blow your mind! We’ve seen some amazing weddings, but this one will be forever etched in my memory for the pure style and class that it oozes. Drawing inspiration from the world of interior design, the styling for this wedding was oh-so-on-trend!

As a Senior Conference and Events Manager at the Intercontinental Adelaide, one would expect no less than for Christine to have put on an absolutely impeccable and stylish wedding and there was no doubt that she delivered.

As we entered the house for the boys getting ready, we knew immediately that both Shannon and Christine left no stone unturned. All the boys suits and shoes were stylishly set up on an black A-frame, ready for our arrival. Crisp white walls and black polished floorboards provided the perfect backdrop for our boys getting ready pics. 



As Shannon was preparing to make his arrival in a black Lamborghini, we headed off to the girls. 

Black and gold is so on trend at the moment and this wedding executes that colour palette perfectly. Any guest who received the black and gold wedding invitation in the mail would immediately know they were in for a treat.



Often couples don’t anticipate what a hectic time it is when getting ready before the ceremony. We generally spend an hour with the groom then an hour and a half with the bride for some getting ready photos, but more often than not, the time is cut short as time has slipped away from the bridal party, and the boys have forgotten they still need to iron their shirts, or the girls are running late with their hair and make up etc. As photographers, we’re often confined not only to the tight timelines but for getting ready photos, to tight spaces and walk into bedrooms with various things still sprawled all over the bed or floor. Sometimes it’s the room that couples least expect us to be shooting in, which provides the perfect lighting and photography backdrop for photos. In Christine and Shannon’s case however, this was quite the opposite. It really shouldn’t have been any surprise that this couple had everything planned out to the very finest detail, but to walk in and have a white flower wall set up ready for the perfect photography backdrop meant there was none of that running around, trying to work out the best location for pics with the girls. It was like we had our own photo studio set up on location. The photos really speak for themselves. Christine was dressed in a gorgeous J’Aton dress.  She then brought out her Christian Loubatin shoes and wowed us with how she had them styled in a cloche ready for that perfect photo. The bridesmaids were gorgeously dressed in black dresses with lace bodices. The colour scheme of the flowers looked gorgeous against the black dresses, and the bridal bouquet was made up of white phalaenopsis orchids, but what caught my attention the most was the unique flower girl bouquets. How breathtaking! Amazing work Adelaide Flower House!



We then set off to St George Greek Orthodox Church in Thebarton. I’ve shot many weddings there and we always get some amazing photos given the detail in the church. The ceremony started with the page boy walking down the aisle with the rings in a suitcase adorned with ‘Ring Security’ on the front. If that’s not super cute, then I don’t know what is!  How stunning does Christine look when walking down the aisle. 




Following the ceremony, we went off for some photos. There were plenty of laughs through the shoot and Christine had one request. She wanted a photo from behind with her veil up. I jokingly clarified if she was sure she wanted me to lift up her veil and take a photo from behind of her bum. She laughed and replied ‘yeah… pretty much!’ So with that in mind, within minutes we had myself, my assistant, the videographer and his assistant, all standing behind her for about 5 minutes trying to get some height with the veil and getting that perfect ‘bum’ shot! 



Following some photos, we all headed back to the Intercontinental Adelaide for the wedding reception. The set up just took our breath away.

These next photos do most of the talking. The striking black and gold theme looked amazing and the Ballroom at the Intercontinental was the perfect wedding venue as the black and gold ceiling perfectly complemented the overall look. Staging Connections did a great job with the lighting and styling. The tables were set with upmost perfection with a gorgeous floral centerpiece by Adelaide Flower House, gold cutlery, black napkin, gold rimmed glass plates, golden discs as place cards set upon each plate, with the menu printed on the back. Each guest was also gifted a box of Moet & Chandon Champagne. O….M…..G!! The bold yet luxurious palette of black and metallic gold foiling added elegance to the cake created by Sugar & Spice Cakes. Wedding and reception goals? This one is up there in my books! 


If you’re looking for that perfect wedding reception venue in Adelaide, you can rest assured, with the attention to detail Christine displayed with her own wedding, that as an Events Manager for the Intercontinental Adelaide, where she chose to hold her own wedding reception, you’ll be well looked after if you’re having your wedding there!

Christine & Shannon – thank you both so much for trusting me as the photographer for your wedding. Best wishes on your love journey and I can’t wait to see you both next year when the full collection is ready. 

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Laura and Matthew's Al Ru Farm wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/11/lauraandmatt  

Over the weekend, we had the privilege of shooting the gorgeous garden wedding of Laura and Matt at Al-Ru farm in Adelaide.

We arrived just before 3pm to be greeted warmly by Laura’s father before taking some pics of the bride and bridesmaids. Ky’s been shooting weddings for around 7 years now, but strangely enough, whilst our senior photographer, Tony has been at this wedding venue many times, it was the first time Ky had ever shot there. 

We started the shoot, from the gorgeous guest house which opened up to a field of blooming little white flowers which was the perfect backdrop. As Ky was shooting, we had a couple of free range chickens wander on by and pecked around him as we shot.

Both Laura and her bridesmaids looked amazing. Her bridesmaids were gorgeously dressed in matching pastel purple and pink long flowing skirts and her little flower girl Ava dressed in a dress which was made for spinning. As that side of the shoot was wrapping up, Laura casually (but quite amusingly!) asked her bridesmaids to ‘de-poop’ the bottom of their skirts as they had stepped into chicken poop  - what troopers these girls were! From that moment onwards, we knew we were in for a fun day!

We then walked over to meet up with the boys for a few pics before the ceremony. They were all huddled up under the shade of some trees in the carpark, making sure that they were out of the girls view. Matt was adamant that the first time he wanted to see his beautiful bride, was when she walked down the aisle.

The weather was forecasted to be in the mid 20s but it was definitely warming up for the garden ceremony at 4:30pm, so we were conscious of keeping the bridal party out of the sun as much as possible.

It was evident that Laura and Matt had spent a lot of time planning the finer little details of this wedding, from an ice bath of cold water for ceremony guests, to a drinks and fairy floss station (much to the delight of both the page boy and flower girl!) in the gorgeous gardens following the ceremony. Guests were all invited to relax in the shade with drinks and canapés whilst we whisked the bridal party off for photos.

With not much time for photos in between the ceremony and reception, Al-Ru farm was the perfect wedding venue. After some family pictures, we headed into the reception room to allow the bridal party to cool down a bit. We were amazed with the gorgeous setting. A little golden animal held up each place card and whilst we were getting ready for the shoot, Laura found herself re-arranging some of the place cards, letting us know that there were particular animals chosen for particular people! A guest book was set up in the corner with an instax Polaroid camera and little questionnaires for her guests to fill out and stick into the book alongside of their photos. Alongside of this, a candy bar was set up to fulfill any sweet tooth’s craving! There was also a scotch and cigar station set up outside for the guests!

What we did notice during the wedding shoot was the impeccable service from Al-Ru farm, constantly ensuring that the bridal party had enough food and drinks the whole time we were shooting in between the ceremony and reception. Now that’s service for you! But they extended this warm hospitality to us as suppliers as well asking if we wanted any food or drinks to get us through till our meals were served. Whilst it’s really a no brainer for wedding venues to look out for their couples, the team at Al-Ru farm goes above and beyond and it’s very rare that we’ve seen such service. From that initial greeting when we first stepped foot on the premises, we felt very welcome and well looked after and it truly didn’t go unnoticed from a wedding supplier's perspective. 

We then headed out of the wedding reception room, to be greeted by Blossom, the cutest little white calf you have ever seen. Laura jumped at the opportunity to feed her some milk but it was well and truly all guzzled by this time so we quickly snapped away before she got agitated. “Bridal party – get in the shot – quick – all look at the calf and talk to her” joked Ky!

We were soon running out of time for more pics, but it was only a short little stroll and we had another gorgeous backdrop for some more photos. All these different settings all in the one location is a wedding photographer’s dream really! There aren't many Adelaide wedding venues quite like it. 

As we walked back to the venue, we searched for the house dog Rosie. Wow – this dog was seriously as big as the calf, if not bigger and was by far the biggest dog we’d ever seen, but such a gentle giant and so obedient in taking a snap with our couple.

We then wandered back to the wedding reception room, but on the way walked past Blossom’s home. A gorgeous light filled glass house with open windows. We couldn’t let this opportunity pass so we sought permission from Ruth and our couple to take some pics inside. What an unforgettable photo opportunity! Laura and Matt had full trust and gave Ky full creative reign for the day, so if that meant stepping into cow manure for the pic – that they did! Did I mention the word of the day was ‘de-poop’?!? Animal photography on a wedding day at it's finest! 

During the quieter moments of the ceremony whilst guests were eating, Ky went wandering around in the dark finding the perfect spot for some night photos. We snuck the couple out for a few photos with them wondering where the heck we were taking them as we were walking into a pitch-black field. We sat them down  and asked them to relax on a bench seat. Ky clicked the shutter and asked them to stay still – 2 seconds later, they both start humming, not realizing we were shooting them on long exposure. Not really wanting to spoil their moment, we politely asked Matt to shhuushhh and be still. The result was breathtaking!

As Laura and Matt returned to mingle with their guests, Ky wandered down another path in the dark and before we knew it, we were prying the couple away from their friends for another photo… there’s always just that one more shot isn’t there?! The view of the starlit sky was sooo clear and amazing and whilst most of you might think it’s all part of a days work for Ky, he truly gets excited when he’s got such a beautiful backdrop to work with. We then shone our light on the shed with hay bails and before we knew it, Laura jumped up, almost looking like she was planking when she was half on and half off. As she maneuvered herself up, we were beside ourselves in laughter and in total awe of what this girl has been willing to do for us today! In hindsight I wish we weren't so busy laughing and took a photo to capture such a candid photography moment. Ky asked her to dangle her feet off the edge but funnily enough she heard ‘head’ and before we knew it she was laying tummy down with her head off the edge looking over at us, ready for us to take the shot. Hahaha! This girl was willing to do anything for Ky and didn’t question a thing! 

We even ended up with a little apprentice (the page boy) to recruit by the end of the night! 


Laura and Matt – thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful wedding. We hope you love this sneak peek as much as we loved shooting it. Both of your commitment to getting the perfect shot (from Ky’s eyes) was second to none (yes – he is very indecisive some days in getting that perfect picture but your patience didn’t go unnoticed hahah!). And to the team from Al-Ru farm – thank you for your warm hospitality and allowing us some time with your beautiful Blossom! 

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SNEAK PEEK - Jasmine & Michael's dazzling winter Adelaide wedding! https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/8/sneak-peek---jasmine-michaels-colourful-winter-adelaide-wedding

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Hallie & Ivan's epic New Zealand wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/6/hallie-ivans-epic-new-zealand-wedding I created B Captured six years ago, driven by my pure love and passion for the art of photography. Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage that my passion would one day become my full time job. Even today, I still pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.

However, one thing I never expected was the level of pressure and energy involved with being a wedding photographer. The job does not start and end on the day of the wedding, but there is so much work and preparation that occurs ‘behind the scenes’ in the months leading up to and after the wedding. A wedding shoot can be intense and requires sound physical and emotional endurance and resilience. Circumstances are unpredictable and you are constantly having to think fast on your feet to solve any problems that may arise throughout the day,

for example, if the hair and make-up artist runs late or the ceremony is delayed or certain members from the bridal party need to leave due to a family incident. At the end of the day, irrespective of what comes your way, you are expected to deliver quality photos within the already restrictive time constraints. And amidst this chaos, you must maintain a calm facade to not lay any stress or worry on the couple, which will be reflected in the photos.

I always tell my assistants that the shooting is the easy part. The challenge is developing the skills to relax the couple, to make the experience fun and to manage situations that are out of your control to still present a collection of wedding photos that capture the joy and beauty from the day. No one wants to be reminded of the background mayhem. One tip, I’ve found my best photos were when I’ve been able to sweet talk the bride into doing crazy things in her beautiful wedding dress. J

Despite the above, being a photographer in my opinion is the most rewarding job in the world! The happiness I see when the couple looks through their wedding photos for the first time is the best feeling ever and I don’t think this will ever grow old. You also have the opportunity to meet different people from all different walks of life, with varying backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. You get to travel to new and exotic places near and far. Being a photographer has opened my eyes to the world and it is bigger and more vivid than I have ever seen. 

Each wedding to me is an adventure. You can never plan for everything, but that is what makes it exciting. You will encounter obstacles, trust me, I’ve been through the worse, which will push you physically and mentally to the limit. However, you will come out stronger and much wiser. Never do I think that I have reached the peak of my photography, I am just getting started!  I still have so much more to learn to continue to better myself.

I have digressed but the purpose of tonight’s blog is to share with you the amazing time I had shooting this amazing couple from Texas.

I first received an email from Hallie and Ivan back in November 2014. They wanted to tie their knot somewhere special, breathtaking and definitely unique. They wanted a very small and intimate wedding with their closest family and friends. They wanted an experience that they will treasure for a lifetime to come. They told me after extensive internet research, they discovered me and I felt extremely honoured to be chosen as their photographer to capture this special moment in their life. Their wedding went over two days, with the ceremony and reception on the first day and the second day was dedicated towards further shooting around beautiful New Zealand. Besides driving around New Zealand for amazing shooting locations, we also spent a considerable amount of time on a private helicopter, landing on one mountain top to the next. We shot under waterfalls, on the snowy mountains and so much more!

They chose their wedding ceremony to be at Earnslaw Burn, which is an exclusive spot where only Heliworks have exclusive rights to land there. This place is beyond magical with over thirty waterfalls! The couple have done an amazing job in finding this spectacular location. I thought I have seen it all, but this place truly took my breath away. The water was crystal clear and blue, the mountains were stunning covered in thick fog and clouds. And not to mention the rainbow that appeared during our shoot! Everything was perfect, thanks mother nature.

And the couple – I couldn’t have asked for better people! They are both completely down-to-earth, super easy to work with and were willing go the distance for a great photo.  This consisted of posing in freezing cold water, with the bride IN HER WEDDING DRESS, only metres from a cascading waterfall, standing on wet and slippery rocks along the flowing river, tolerating bugs that stick to your body (the most irritating and painful experience ever) and the list goes on. Not once did they complain, imparting total trust in me and what I do. Ivan and Hallie, thank you so much for agreeing to my eccentric ideas and for providing me with absolute creative freedom! I feel extremely lucky to be a part of your wedding and above all for the experience that has indeed enriched my life. I hope that I have done you proud and the memories I have captured will forever remind you both of this remarkable adventure we have shared together. 

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The amazing wedding of Timothy & Kristen! https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/2/the-amazing-wedding-of-timothy-kristen One of my most memorable weddings from 2015, so much love, emotion, tears and laughter! A wedding I will treasure for years to come! Thank-you for allowing me to be apart of it all Timothy & Kristen and for showing me what true love is all about. Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.



[email protected] (B Captured by Ky Luu) Adelaide Australia South marriage photographer same sex wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/2/the-amazing-wedding-of-timothy-kristen Fri, 05 Feb 2016 09:53:17 GMT
Stephanie & Anthony https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/1/stephanie-anthony As a wedding photographer, I have the luxury of meeting a diversity of beautiful people and they are one of them. Tonight, I would like to share the beautiful wedding of Stephanie and Anthony. They are fun, kind hearted, down to earth and a super cute couple who apparently hates taking photos! If I looked as hot as them, I will be in front of the camera rather than behind it most of the time!



[email protected] (B Captured by Ky Luu) Adelaide Australia Award Bride Photography South Wedding Winning https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2016/1/stephanie-anthony Thu, 14 Jan 2016 00:25:20 GMT
The wedding of Eu Queen & William https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2015/10/the-wedding-of-eu-queen-william Tonight's wedding feature is definitely one that I will remember for a long time to come. With this couple, we travelled all over New Zealand for their pre-wedding shoot. We climbed mountains, surmerged ourselves in freezing cold lakes and walked through the snow to get that perfect shot. For their beautiful wedding in Adelaide, we relaxed in cafes, hung out in the Adelaide Hills and partied all night long. I got to know them really well and they are such genuine all round nice people that I would call friends for a lifetime to come. Thank-you Eu Queen & William for such an amazing adventure!



[email protected] (B Captured by Ky Luu) Adelaide Australia New Zealand photographer wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2015/10/the-wedding-of-eu-queen-william Mon, 19 Oct 2015 00:39:18 GMT
Anne & Timfai - Always & Forever https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/9/anne-tim-fai---a-vintage-inspired-wedding  


The Proposal was a complete surprise! We moved in together when I arrived in Melbourne and we started to organise date nights so that we would not get too lazy to do anything exciting on weekends. We travelled back to Perth for the Christmas holidays in 2011. It was Boxing Day and I was out catching up with friends during the day. We had planned to have dinner that night but I was under the impression that it was just a causal dinner and nothing was booked. We ended up at Allure again as Timfai pretend (and I fell for it) that Vincent, his groomsman, had mentioned that the restaurant had recently changed ownership so he wanted to try it again. Half way through dinner Timfai told me that the night was his 'date night', to which i responded ' This is the worst date night ever', as it was unplanned. It was a warm evening and after dinner we went for a walk by the Swan River to what Timfai thought was the bench that we sat down on during our first date. We sat overlooking the river and he asked me close my eyes. After much hesitation, I closed my eyes and heard rustling. I opened my eyes to find him on bended knee crying and asking me to marry him. I was shocked and froze for about thirty seconds until I finally said 'yes.'

Photographer - B Captured (Ky Luu)

As featured in the Barossa Bride Magazine (VOL.5 No.9) - check out this incredible bridal magazine for full detail of this amazing wedding.






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Stefanie & Reuben - a touching country wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/5/stefanie-reuben---a-touching-country-wedding  

Tonight, we want to share with you a love story of two beautiful country people who grew up together as kids where their friendship blossomed and they became soul mates for life. It was their fathers’ lifelong friendship that brought the pair together when they were only children.


The proposal happened on a humid and cloudy day at Henley Beach where Reuben had been attempting to bend down on one knee for about ten minutes. Stefanie did not pay any attention as she was too busy playing with her newly purchased Koolie pup, Brydie. It was only when Reuben picked up Brydie and stopped right in front of Stefanie that she finally realised what was happening. On one knee, Reuben asked, “Will you marry me and Brydie?” Stefanie declined Brydie but enthusiastically said yes to Reuben.


The wedding took place in the Barossa Valley as that was where Stefanie grew up. We truly enjoyed capturing this wedding and also met a lot of kind hearted and beautiful people! The photoshoot took place all around Barossa Valley, we hiked up hills, climbed on logs and even rode on a horse. The entire bridal party was so easy to work with which has resulted in some very fun and quirky photos. This beautiful wedding also received a massive 14 page feature in the latest edition of the Barossa Bride Magazine. Thank-you so much Barossa Bride for your amazing feature!

Photographer - B Captured (Ky Luu)

As featured in the Barossa Bride Magazine (VOL.7 No.11) - check out this incredible bridal magazine for full coverage of this amazing wedding.


[email protected] (B Captured by Ky Luu) Adelaide Australia Award Barossa Bride Photography South Valley Wedding Winning https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/5/stefanie-reuben---a-touching-country-wedding Thu, 15 May 2014 11:18:18 GMT
The breathtaking wedding of Maria & Michael! https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/4/the-breathtaking-wedding-of-maria-michael


Last year, we had the honour of photographing a breathtaking winter wedding which took our breath away. From stunning decor to the amazing couple, this was a wedding that left us speechless and one that we will remember for a long time.

Michael and Maria first met at the Hotel Tivoli and on one misty Saturday morning, Michael was on bended knee and with the stunning view of Mount Lofty behind him, he said "Climbing Mount Lofty is like life, it can be difficult at times, but doing it together makes it easier and more fun. I am very excited about our future together and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you Maria. Will you marry me?"


Photographer - B Captured (Ky Luu)

Flowers + Decor - Adelaide Flower House

Cake - How Sweet It Is

Reception - Queens Theatre

As featured in the Brides of Adelaide magazine (VOL.4 No.8) - check out this incredible bridal magazine for full coverage of this amazing wedding.



[email protected] (B Captured by Ky Luu) Adelaide Australia Award Bride Photography South Wedding Winning https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/4/the-breathtaking-wedding-of-maria-michael Tue, 29 Apr 2014 12:14:31 GMT
Lucius & Christina's fairy tale wedding https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/4/lucius-christinas-fairy-tales-wedding


Lucius and Christina are one of the most loveable and genuine couples we have come across. They are obviously very beautiful from the outside but just as beautiful from the inside. Their wedding was held at the breathtaking Kingsbrook Estate using soft and romantic tones of pink, ivory, white and silver to add to the wistful and dreamy surroundings of the venue. Our photos have been taken and edited to reflect their soft, romantic color palette in their tuscan, elegant and romantic European feel surroundings.

Lucius proposed to Christina on a cold windy night infront of the iconic Sydney Opera House. Lucius was on his knee to declare his love with tears running down his eyes and Christina told him nothing would make her more happier than spending the rest of her life with Lucius.

B Captured is very honoured to capture such a beautiful, romantic and gorgeous couple and would like to wish them a life time of love and laughter!


Dress + Hair accessories by Jenny & Gerry's Bridal

Flowers by Illume Flowers + Events

Makeup by Lauren Parkinson

As featured in the Brides of Adelaide magazine (VOL.4 No.8) - check out this incredible bridal magazine for full coverage of this amazing wedding.



[email protected] (B Captured by Ky Luu) Adelaide Australia Award Bride Photography South Wedding Winning https://www.bcaptured.com.au/blog/2014/4/lucius-christinas-fairy-tales-wedding Mon, 14 Apr 2014 10:52:19 GMT